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The Crownobles Abroad

About Our Ministry

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Rachel's Ministry

Rachel is currently volunteering with Mercy Maternity Center and helping out with pregnancies and births in any way she can. Mercy Maternity is a non-profit birth center that aims to share the love of Jesus by caring for the needs of mothers and babies.

The need at Mercy is great, they have 10s of thousands of visits every year. Most of those mothers are very poor and would not be able to get the quality of care that they recieve at Mercy otherwise.

With Rachel's years of work in hospitals and birth centers in the US as a doula and birth assistant she brings a lot of experience to her work at Mercy, but she stil has a lot to learn about pregnancy and birth in this new country and culture. Please pray for her in this new ministry.

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Adam's Ministry/Work


With Rachel keeping so busy with her volunteer work at Mercy, Adam has become the primary homemaker and spends a lot of time taking care of Abie, Millie and Maddie. He'll also be homeschooling when the summer is over.


Adam is also working hard to get a tentmaking business up and running so that he can work remotely as a programmer to support the family while they're here.

Please pray for provision through Adam's tentmaking work and if you know anybody who's looking for some work on a website, we'd certainly appreciate a referral.


Lots of opportunities exist for Adam to do ministry work through technology. At this point the primary focus is to work on raising funding through support building and tentmaking, to sustain our life and ministry here. But as God provides, Adam hopes to spend as much time as he can helping out christian charities with their technology needs.